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Sustainable Community Development is an established Section 21 not for profit company (reg. nr. 2002/000195/08), incorporated in South Africa.

We are an education and community development organisation for people of all ages, creeds and nations. It is multiracial, non-denominational and non-sexist, founded for the benefit of all of mankind and the Biosphere we live in and depend upon.


To be an umbrella organisation to support best practice models in the environmental, social and economic realms of human life in this Biosphere and pass this acquired knowledge on to others and to future generations.


The purpose of Sustainable Community Development is to enable working models of sustainability, to be created in communities throughout South Africa. This is achieved through agro-ecological farming, relevant building technologies and energy supplies, experiential learning, arts and crafts, teaching all aspects of Permaculture Design and through those developing sustainable bioregional economies.

Its intention is to raise funding for the design and construction of these models for educating and equipping of communities to help bring contemporary life to these intentions, for research and development in sustainability and environmental restoration and to publish findings and manuals.

SCD will be the umbrella organisation for other activities such as training and consultancy.

Our primary focus is the establishment of the Rosendal Permaculture Centre and the Rosendal Intentional Community. 

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